Who Are We?

Humbly, those of us at JPANS Co., Ltd feel that we are not just another jewellery company.

We strive to change what affordable luxury means - not only to our consumers but to our business partners as well.

Our cozy office is a melting pot of various cultures, experiences and ambitions and we just happen to deal with diamonds, gold and platinum.

Led by our Representative Director Vithal Palriwala, the Tokyo office continues to operate and serve our customers daily.

The Spark

We believe that all good ideas come from great inspiration.

Inspired by his father who began trading loose diamonds soon after he was born, Vithal grew to love the rapidly expanding and highly dynamic industry.

Since he was surrounded by jewellery and precious metals from a young age, Vithal’s constant curiosity has led him to observe and adapt industry insights and gain experience in order to break out into a niche of his own.


Yamanashi - Japan's Jewel

Like a diamond displayed in the middle of a gorgeous tiara, Yamanashi is Japan’s centrepiece jewel.

With Mount Fuji nestled on the prefectural border, Yamanashi is not only home to a nature-centric tourism industry but also a booming jewellery hub.

Yamanashi is where our director honed his craft and also love for the jewellery industry - the place where he laid the foundation of his skills and expertise for today and the future.

More than anything, this is where he met and nurtured various highly-skilled artisans and luxury handicraftsmen.

Okachimachi - The Carat City

Okachimachi is well known as “the Jewellery Town of Tokyo”.

This is shown in the fact that the majority of jewellery-related businesses and organisations have set up shop in, or in the vicinity of the area.

We are fully aware that competition is healthy.

It pushes companies to innovate, drives down prices for customers and prevents any one business to dominate.

That is why we are located in Okachimachi - to keep our finger on the beating pulse of the Japanese luxury industry and to continually adapt, grow and collaborate with our neighbours.

The Future

We are eagerly looking towards the future - for both opportunities and experiences to learn from.

We continue to grow and learn from each other and we hope that we can connect with you too!

If you have any questions or want to get in touch with us, please feel free to do so here.

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